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Brief Encounter (1945)

I had no thoughts at all, only an overwhelming desire not to feel anything ever again.

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Myrna Loy and William Powell playing a prank on Sid Grauman by showing up in oversized shoes at their handprint ceremony, 1936

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Rita Moreno, 1950, age 19.

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maybe german sounds so awful to native english speakers because you mispronounce everything

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7th Heaven (1927)

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"Howdy. I’m gonna separate your head from your shoulders. Hope you don’t mind none." Near Dark (1987)

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Long As I Can See The Light — Creedence Clearwater Revival

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"John Foreman, the producer, once gave a description of me that I love and cherish. He said, ‘Paul Newman gets up every morning, walks to the window, and scans the horizon for enemies.’”

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