hey where my baes at


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Robert De Niro in Montauk, N.Y., ca. 1950 

When De Niro was a boy, his father often invited him to art shows. “I wouldn’t want to go,” he admits. “My kids are the same way sometimes. Even though you know the last thing they want to do is hang with their parents, it’s important to do family things because you’ll miss them, and you can’t get them back.”

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Anita Page, c. Early 1930’s.

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Sunny Edinburgh!

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Melva Cornell by Witzel, c. 1930


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when u try to tell ur friends a pun


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i’ve disappointed my entire family but at least i didn’t drop the first iphone 6

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I want to devour you with my eyes, and tell you over and over that you’ve never been so beautiful. – Alain Delon

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Talking Heads - Once In A Lifetime - Remain In Light

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More like crapitalism —Karl Marx (via queerandpresentdanger)

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