Favourite Horrible Histories Sketches/Songs (s3) → Dick Turpin Song (x)

"No more stand & deliver, you’ll remember this I hope… It’s no fun hanging with highwaymen when you’re hanging from a rope" 

Favourite Horrible Histories Sketches/Songs (s1) → The Axe Factor (x)

"The type of noose used in a public execution varies according to the time of day the execution is to be carried out. This is the 7 o’clock noose. This is the 9 o’clock noose. And this is the noose at 10. And this is the person that wrote that joke".

Favourite Horrible Histories Sketches/Songs (s1) → Alexander the Great (x)

"I am the greatest military commander that ever lived. I have conquered the known world, and I am barely 26 years old. Perhaps when you found your own city you can name it after yourself… you could call it, hmm, Skinnymandria? But since I’m founding them, I’d like to call it Alexandria. Okay?"

Favourite Horrible Histories Sketches/Songs (s1) → Witchfinders Direct (x)

"So if you have anything go wrong in your life, call Witchfinders Direct. We’ll find some innocent old woman, and blame her for it"