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A HORRIBLE COLLECTION Your favourite historical figures singing about their lives in a pastiche you never knew you needed.  A collection of Horrible Histories songs for fans of the show or fans of history (and pop music).  

S1-S2:  BORN TO RULE (the 4 King Georges as Westlife) LITERALLY (Vikings sing classic rock) THE KING OF BLING (Charles II raps to Eminem) SPARTAN SCHOOL MUSICAL (Spartan school boys break into High School Musical)  ORIGINAL GIRL POWER (World War II girls deliver Girls Aloud style) COULDN’T STAND MY WIFE (George IV sings about his problems as Westlife; dad doesn’t help) BLACKBEARD’S SONG (Blackbeard with a crew keen on Gilbert and Sullivan tunes) VICTORIAN INVENTIONS (some music hall Victorians)  THE HIEROGLYPHICS SONG (an ancient Egyptian school teacher goes about the lesson as the Jackson 5)  REAL LIFE COWBOYS (some old west cowboys sing bluegrass) BOUDICCA (Boudicca to the Ting Tings with a dash of Pop Muzik) FUNKY MONKS (some good old Gregorian chant… and Wild Cherry)  DO THE PACHACUTI (the Inca emperor reigns with an epic summer novelty song)  

S3-S4: HIGHWAYMAN (Dick Turpin stands and delivers a la Adam and the Ants)  RUTHLESS RULERS (A Chas & Dave tune to help you remember your kings and queens)  SCOTTISH REBEL (William Wallace takes on heavy metal) WORK, TERRIBLE WORK (Victorian kids? Must be Oliver!)  RA-RA CLEOPATRA (the Egyptian monarch shows Lady Gaga how it’s done) MISUNDERSTOOD (Richard III and a pop ballad on how he didn’t suck, no really) BAD EMPERORS (Roman rulers did bad long before Michael Jackson) SUFFRAGETTES (more girl power, this time Bananarama style) AIN’T STAYIN’ ALIVE (Aztecs priests bring death to life with the Bee Gees)  ENGLISH SIDE STORY (Cavaliers and Roundheads know West Side Story is the only way to wage a civil war) THE AGES OF STONE (a jazzy caveman walks us through time)  CELTIC BOAST BATTLE (Celts locked in an epic battle… rap battle, that is) RAF PILOTS (fighter pilots tell Germany to Take That) NATURAL SELECTION (in which Charles Darwin is a David Bowie fan)  THE THINKERS (it’s The Monkees, but it’s also the Beatles, but it’s mostly greek philosphers)  THE NEW WORLD (they’re no Jay-Z or Alicia Keys, but the pilgrim fathers are, well, new to this)  MARY SEACOLE (A medical bad-ass deserving of no less than Beyonce) VICTORIA AND ALBERT (the mushiest 80s love ballad with no happy ending) BLUE BLOODED BLUES (the Stuarts lament their bad luck through the blues) LUDDITES (Sex Pistols? The Clash? Rage Against the Machine? Must be angry Georgian factory workers) THE BORGIA FAMILY (and you thought the Addams Family was scary) MARY I (only Kate Bush can express how poorly things went for Mary) SHOOBY DOOBY SHAKESPEARE (Billy Willy and the Quills, the ultimate smooth jazz combo) GEORGIAN NAVY (sports songs sung as they should be… on a navy vessel under command of Admiral Nelson)  FLAME (Olympians through time sing on their Fame) 

S5:  I SAT ON A BUS (Rosa Parks in the style of Aretha Franklin and Motown)  VIKINGLAND (Vikings show their softer side with Simon & Garfunkel)  A MISERABLE SOUL (a Charles Dickens lament worthy of the Smiths) I’M MINTED (Crassus does Dizzee Rascal) JOAN OF ARC (you can’t put a price tag on this story set to Jessie J and B.o.B)  ALEXANDER (only stadium rock can contain Alexander the Great and his, well, greatness)  OWAIN GLYNDWR (Welsh hero? Tom Jones has simply got to factor in) TRANSPORTATION (pioneers of transport technology sing about their machines to Grease Lighting) THE ORIGINAL TUDOR (Henry VII and glam rock, of course)  THE NORMAN FAMILY TREE (the Anarchy unfolds in the style of ABBA) AUSTRALIA (Australia, Australia - must be Kylie Minogue) WE’RE HISTORY (everyone gets together for a big charity number epic) 

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Tudor Diet Plan

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Medieval Come Dine With Me [x]

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